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Piano Lessons Colorado Springs

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Piano Lessons Colorado Springs

Piano Lessons

Piano is one of the most popular starting instruments.  While piano can take a lifetime to truly master, the piano is one of the simplest instruments to operate on a basic level.

Rocky Mountain Academy of Music - Jazz Ensemble

Jazz Ensemble

Join one of our jazz ensembles and get practical playing experience in an ensemble setting. Learn jazz standards, practice improvising and practice performing with others in a controlled environment with our instructors.

Rocky Mountain Academy of Music - Rock Band

Rock Band

Practice performing with a group, in a rock and roll setting! Learn about the blues, the origins and history of rock and roll, as well as studying different styles and genres from early blues rock to modern electronics-assisted performance methods!

Girl Learning the guitar

Guitar Lessons

One of the most popular instruments in the western tradition, the guitar was originally intended as a portable substitute for the piano.

Piano Lessons Colorado Springs

One On One Lessons

While some students learn the best in group settings we offer one on one lessons. We encourage students to take what ever lessons they are most comfortable with.

Drum Lessons Colorado Springs

Drum Lessons

We have multiple drums sets in our studio ranging from acoustic to electric. This makes it easy to play along with your teacher!

Band Coaching at the Rocky Mountain Academy of Music

Band Coaching

Have a band you want to take to the next level?  Book time for our talented coaches to help you with live sound, performance tips, getting demos or records made, or finding a new sound.

in home lessons

In Home Music Lessons

Unable to leave your house or too far from our studio?  Ask about in home lessons, a Rocky Mountain Academy of Music instructor may be available to travel to your home!

Charter School Classes

Charter School Classes

Work with or at a Charter school without a music program?  Contact us today to find out more about available classes and programs.

Studio Recording and Production

Recording Studio and Production Lessons

Choose from either one-on-one or group tutoring in Electro-Acoustic Performance, DJ Lessons, Recording, Music Production, Film Scoring, Composition, or Music Theory.


At Rocky Mountain Academy of Music, our mission is to provide quality music education for all ages and ability levels in a fun, safe environment. It is our passion to share the joy of music with everyone, while doing all we can to support the Colorado Springs local music scene!

Colorado Springs Free Improvisation Collective

Rocky Mountain Academy of Music is the home of the Colorado Springs Free Improvisation Collective, a Weekly Electro-Acoustic Jam Session.


All instruments, voices, electronics, laptops, and ears welcome!  Open to all ages!


The Colorado Springs Free Improvisation Collective exists to support improvised music and to create a centralized meeting place to invigorate real-time experimentation and collaboration for musicians from all walks of life who contribute to a vibrant Creative Class in Colorado Springs.


This weekly series of Electro-Acoustic Improvisation sessions aim at strengthening the Colorado Springs music community, bringing together musicians and listeners from many different areas of music, striving to create something new and different.

About Us

Rocky Mountain Academy of Music exists to promote and encourage music in all its forms.  We aim to make learning music fun and exciting.  Our instructors are guided by three primary goals:


1.  Make sure each student has fun


It is our mission to ensure that each student has fun and forms positive associations with music. This helps encourage long term interest, driving them to reach for their goals


2.  Teach music fundamentals


Having a good understanding about the music fundamentals will ensure that musical training will transfer to different styles of music, and allow skills that build on each other as students develop and adapt as their goals, interests, or instruments change.


3.  Help students learn the music that they want to learn


Allowing the students to choose their own paths helps to encourage long term goals, discipline, and commitment.  Music can be a lifelong passion and Rocky Mountain Academy of Music seeks to encourage our students to learn, explore, appreciate, and find what notes strike a chord within them.

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